Chemical dependencies can exist anywhere. For every two adolescents within the United States, one of them has tried and abused some sort of drug by their high school years. The prevalence of painkillers throughout our society and the ways that they are prescribed can lead to serious issues of addiction and misuse.  In more recent years, substances such as marijuana have continued to gain favor in terms of its legality; however, whether it is legal or not, substances can still be abused, such as alcohol. In fact according to studies, marijuana and alcohol are the two most prevalently abused substances by adolescents. In short, two very easily obtainable substances are well within reach.

A World of Pressure

In a world where pressure from one’s peers abounds, as well as experiencing various stressors and the pangs of growing into adulthood, Chemical Dependencies should not be brushed aside.  Having and dealing with a substance addiction can be a problem for thousands and hundreds of thousands of adolescents throughout the country. By 8th grade, around 15% of children have used marijuana, and 64% of teenagers have admitted to utilizing prescription painkillers from a family member or a friend, which is a sobering statistic to hear.  Addressing substance abuse as early as possible in the life of an adolescent is critical, and getting immediate help should be a top priority.

Structured Mental Health Facility


Mental health facilities such as Rock Prairie Behavioral Health are geared towards providing help to adolescents and their families by offering structured mental and behavioral health facilities and care.  More often than not, there are underlying reasons and issues that generally initiate the desires for Chemical Dependencies and substance abuse; sometime the reasons are purely exploratory, but getting to the point of abuse and addiction generally requires a significant step down that path. No matter how much or how little you think your son or daughter has a problem with substance abuse, it is a step in the right direction to seek out help.

Our Team

Our adolescent clinical team is specifically geared towards meeting the needs of Chemical Dependencies within teens.  We are staffed with mental health specialists, which includes registered nurses and master’s level therapists. The entire goal is to provide a patient and their family with a diagnosis and an immediate course of action to meet each individual’s goals; in the case of adolescents with substance abuse issues, it would generally be to help remove the needs for addictions and to delve into the reasons behind this behavior. It may require other methods and appropriate levels of response based upon each different case.  In turn, we are able to provide our patients with a return to the quality of life that they once had, and a return to their schooling and daily activities.

Symptoms to Watch


Some signs and symptoms to watch out for as a parent with their adolescent child may include:

  • Sudden or wildly unpredictable changes in one’s mood
  • Withdrawal from family or friends, or perhaps changes in the groups of friends they spend time with
  • Changes in one’s physical appearance, such as losing a noticeable amount of weight, or even experiencing weight gain
  • A decline in their performance at school, such as receiving a failing grade, or even missing classes
  • Signs of drug use or substance abuse, such as dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, a lack of energy or unusual outside of their normal behavior

Don’t Wait. Get Help.

If you are aware that your adolescent is struggling with substance and chemical abuse, contact Rock Prairie Behavioral Health for a completely free and confidential assessment so that we can evaluate your son or daughter and help provide them with the next steps for treatment. Contact us 24/7, 365 days a week at 979-703-8848.