Mental Health Healing


What is the one thing that binds all human beings together, and can be arguably one of the most important aspects from generation to generation, all throughout the world? The answer is simple: communication. Spoken communication has always been the primary means for us to interact with each other, and provides a way for us to express our feelings and thoughts.

Not everyone has the ability to communicate clearly, however, or even has the opportunity to speak closely with a friend or family member. There are those who grow up in an environment where they are faced with abuse, uncaring parents or a host of other difficult situations.  Others, who may have not faced the same types of difficulties, may have merely lacked the opportunity to expand their exposure to various social situations, whether it is was by choice, the structure of their family, or simply their personality.

In either scenario, we must realize that the outcome can be very similar, despite the specific circumstances that took place. So where can these individuals find hope, if they have no opportunities within their personal lives?

When it comes to mental and behavioral health challenges in one’s life, having the ability to speak with someone can not only be a great source of confidence, but it can also provide much needed relief.  It is difficult enough to face a behavioral health issue on your own without a strong support network, and without proper guidance, can be even more difficult to overcome.

So let’s talk solutions: at Rock Prairie Behavioral Health, we believe in the ability to provide a patient with all of the tools necessary to achieve total and complete healing for their particular condition. Sometimes this entails a stay in our clinic in an inpatient setting; other times, we can find great progress with specific outpatient programs.

Circling back, having someone to talk to, and to be able to guide you through the processes of mental health or behavioral health conditions, means that you have a greater chance of recovery in most cases. One such program that we have found to make a very impactful difference, is our Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP.

With this program, it is able to provide further stabilization in a therapeutic environment specifically for clients that do not require the structure of a full-day program. In terms of how much time is invested, a patient would attend three hours per day, which provides them with a very useful amount of time for healing, work and daily social lives. This flexibility is a great tool for those looking to balance and juggle their daily lives and commitments with their family and others, while getting the treatment they deserve.

These outpatient programs help to meet the needs of adults who are struggling particularly with issues such as depression or other psychiatric disorders. It can often be a “stepping down” point from an inpatient setting, or you could go directly to an intensive outpatient service straight from the moment you receive your assessment.

It all comes down to having the right people understanding where you are in your journey, and having them be able to be there for you as you continue growing in this process. As it helps assist with the development of more adaptive coping skills, it is really a very useful option when facing a psychiatric issue.

So if you’ve been wondering how to take the next step towards healing, or want to continue developing your social skills, communication skills and healing in regards to your mental health, consider giving Rock Prairie a call today at 979-703-8848 for a free and confidential assessment.