School can be an extremely stressful time for students – whether one is in middle school, high school, or has been enrolled in a college of his or her choice, there are multiple aspects of it that can affect their psyche and wellbeing. While there are likely different responsibilities and degrees of stress that would affect students in different seasons of their school lives, it is important to realize that building strong habits as early as possible can set them up for success much better in the future, as opposed to just letting them deal with these situations as they come along.

So what tips should students follow if they want to de-stress and avoid increased anxiety or depression? Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Get Plenty of Sleep: Sleep is a critical element for health; it is how our bodies recharge and rebuild day after day. While it is possible to go for many hours without sleep, most would agree that it is generally more counter-productive than anything else.  Students should get around 8 hours of sleep if they want to manage their stress levels better!
  • Eat the Right Foods: Our minds and bodies rely on a host of nutrients in order to continue functioning at optimal capacity; so if you’re running constantly on junk food, or at least foods that are devoid of healthy vitamins and minerals, you will likely continue to weaken your immune system, create more stress on your mind, and snowball into a host of other issues. Eat right and you’ll be on the right track to avoid stress.
  • Exercise: Spend at least 20 minutes a day out in the sun if you can; don’t stay cooped up inside and make sure to get your blood flowing! Studies have proven that getting regular exercise can improve our moods and the ability for our minds to function. Finding the balance truly helps both our physical and mental aspects of our bodies.
  • Talk to Professionals: Talking about one’s worries, fears and other aspects of life that can make one anxious can really make a significant difference. A certified mental health professional or a psychiatrist can become an excellent building block towards self-discovery, facing one’s fears and finding healthy and positive ways to counteract any anxiety and negative mental or behavioral health patterns.

Rock Prairie Behavioral Health is a mental health facility that offers a host of mental and behavioral health therapies that can enhance one’s life, diagnose certain mental health issues and provide treatments to let men and women life a full and healthy lifestyle. Consider getting help for your child if they have been experiencing a mental or behavioral health challenge that has been negatively affecting their moods, and take the first step towards providing them with the tools for success in school and in their life.